How to make money through freelance blogging

Is freelance blogging the quickest approach you can take to make money?

Of course, the answer could be yes or no depending on you as a person.

Freelance blogging is the quickest and probably 100 % means of earning an income when used properly.


You reach to a client, you get a deal, you work on the deal, you get paid. As simple as that.

Now here you are. A new blogger, long term blogger. Ask yourself. Why would anyone make a deal with you? Maybe you can pen some decent and more attractive posts.

The good thing is that other people have done it and have made more cash so you can earn your living through it.

Out there, are many companies who are not aware of all these stuff, who have unattractive websites, dull contents and substandard social media profiles, if I may put it. This is an opportunity for you to present you writing skills and services you offer in the right manner that they will be attracted to.

The following steps can make you successful in the field of freelance blogging

1: Ask Yourself some questions and find your area of expertise

This is the first and most crucial step you need to consider. Asking yourself some questions about, what resources you have, the amount of time you have, as well as finding your niche

Consider the time you have per week that you will set aside to spend on your freelance blogging.

Finding your area of expertise will help you to avoid being a junk of all trades since this might make you an expert of nothing.

List down all the best topics you are good at. If you are good at health, list all the topics about health. If you are good at business list all the best topics you know about business

Then ask yourself how much you would be charging per blog post. Try putting into consideration the time you can spend writing a single post of about 1,500 words. You can decide now to charge per single blog post or per word.

Finally, you can ask yourself what else you can offer apart from writing depending on your skillset.

2: Start your own blog with A Hire me” Page

Since you are a newbie or you are starting you probably don’t have samples you can entice clients to hire you.  Under the hire me page you list the services you offer as well as putting down some samples of the services you offer. This calls for you to research and write down your own blog posts which you can use as samples even though you are earning nothing by writing your own. By doing this, you will be opening doors for monetizing you blog so that you can start earning revenue.

3: Let clients know that you are on the market and ready for work by reaching out to them.

This is a great moment to market yourself through different channels. You can sell your skills through job boards on the web but keep in mind that it can be challenging to get a client who will pay according to your desired rate.

Another channel you can use is reaching out to clients through your personal networks, this can be through LinkedIn, Facebook or any other social networks but you should use these channels appropriately and in a professional manner.

Search engines like google also offers the best services where you can find relevant companies that have blogs that contain issues with the quality of the contents and might require content writing and blogging services. You can start by finding their contacts and sending them emails showing them what could be missing in their blogs and what you can do to fix the issues.

4: Improve on you speed

Ensure you improve on your typing speed as well as reduce typing errors. If you are slow in typing or you make typing errors, you need to work on that fast so that you don’t mess yourself to a potential client.

5: You can start by blogging for free.

Why do I say free?

What you are reading now wasn’t paid for, I did it for free so that you can get to know what I mean by blogging for free. By so doing you get to improve on many areas and make yourself known to clients out there. But keep in mind that you should monetize your blogging.

6: Set Up Your working terms properly

You have landed a deal with a potential client! It’s now your turn to dance along with how you would wish the client to pay you. This could be a pay per page or pay per words.

These two tricks will help you so that you don’t end up exhausting your energy and time for nothing.

First, you aim for a down payment. What am I saying here? The client pays you half the amount or a particular percentage of the total amount before you start working and then the rest after completion.

The second one is the use of contracts whenever possible. Here you are guaranteed safety for your energy and time.

7: Be prepared to write more and more

Yes! Freelance blogging can be done at your comfort zone, be it in your bedroom or even your kitchen.  But that doesn’t mean it’s sit and relax. You know what I mean here. It’s an everyday work. So be prepared to write a lot.

8: As you continue landing more clients, consider increasing your rates.

Your first client might not pay you well. That’s okay. But if you land more clients and gain more experience, it’s time to rise your rates to earn more bucks. But remember chew what you can be able to swallow


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