9 LinkedIn Successful Pro Tips for Your Small Business

linked.jpgAre you a small business owner? LinkedIn is an incredible platform for your business. Using this platform efficiently can yield great results for your business. A study by statistica has shown that 467 million people used LinkedIn in the third quarter of 2016 thus making it an important platform for small business owners.

These LinkedIn secrets for small business will help you create your LinkedIn social media marketing strategy to enhance your online presence thereby growing your audience, business brand as well as sales.

  1. Put more effort to have a complete LinkedIn Profile Page.

Statistics from LinkedIn show that members with a complete profile of 100% receive more profile viewers than those with incomplete profiles pages. Therefore, having a complete LinkedIn profile leads to more opportunities. Note that your LinkedIn profile photo must be professional.

  1. Enhance your profile visibility

You should target both people who are searching on LinkedIn as well as those who use search engines. To achieve this, you need to build a LinkedIn profile that contains the right keywords. Ensure you place the keywords in your job description, summary and more to increase your profile visibility. You can also use LinkedIn premium to boost your game. This will make your profile more noticeable,  thus enabling it to reach your target customers.

  1. Increase your connections to 500+

People say that having a strong network is equivalent to having money in the bank. This is to say that, your network will make you be known widely, connect you with influencers thus enabling you to secure more prospects. Securing and staying connected with people in your network is an incredible strategy for marketing your business.

  1. Pay attention to your market.

You need to join LinkedIn Groups so that you obtain free market research and spend time browsing in the relevant places. After identifying your target market, you can find out the groups in which people are discussing the types of troubles and challenges they are experiencing as well as getting more information about how they would like to do business.

  1. Endorse your connections

An endorsement occurs when any of your connections click on the plus sign which is subsequently to each skill that you have listed in your LinkedIn profile.  This shows other people in your connections that you possess skills and expertise that you listed. This also shows that you have successfully accomplished the task associated with your skills to someone else. For you to get an endorsement, you must ensure that you also endorse other people, customers and businesses partners in your connections. Doing this severally can increase your endorsements.

  1. Ask for recommendations

LinkedIn recommendations resemble testimonials that appear strategically on your profile. One of the sure ways to enhance your business’s repute on LinkedIn is to request for recommendations from clients and business partners.  Recommendations from other people in your network will be placed in their profile thus enhancing their visibility to their own network. This will increase your reach than your own network. You can achieve this by using LinkedIn’s Recommendation Ads so that your recommendations are placed right on your customers’ profile.

Therefore, you should not wait around for people to leave a recommendation, instead, ask them to recommend the service you have done to them. You can request for recommendations by visiting the person’s LinkedIn profile and then click the More icon. Select Request Recommendation, fill out the information and submit the request. Majority of people are pleased to leave a recommendation when you prompt them. Remember, the more recommendations you obtain, the more knowledgeable and dependable you will appear.

  1. Deliver content that your target market wants.

LinkedIn makes it easy to achieve this. First, you need to join LinkedIn groups that your target markets access frequently. Pay attention to the posts they make to identify the problems and challenges they are encountering. Show that you can offer solutions to their problems as this will enable you to stand out as a helpful resource. By doing so you will be building your network as well as enhancing your reputation.

  1. Publish and post status updates for your company.

This can be important news about your company, important updates about new products or services that you are offering. You need to post these updates from time to time. LinkedIn offers you an incredible opportunity to do so. LinkedIn allows you to target the updates so that they can be visible to the relevant people.

  1. Allow your employees to post content on your LinkedIn page

Your employees may have insights that you could be missing and they may produce informative and helpful content that reaches many people. Allowing them to post the content on your company’s profile will enable your company to reach more people. This will also make your employees feel that they are valuable assets to your company.


It is crucial to note that like any social network, LinkedIn is a platform for connecting. But it all depends on how you use it. You can increase your effort by setting a clear goal of what you want to realize. This could be a number of client connections, traffic to your website, recommendation targets or a wider reach and visibility with a particular demographic. Keeping your goals into consideration can enable you to focus on where to put more effort and concentrate your resources, therefore, creating more successful results.




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