How to Write a LinkedIn Profile that Will Market You Effectively


Are you still finding out how LinkedIn can work for your business? Read with me the following hacks to help you create and a professional LinkedIn profile so that you broaden your audience.

When it comes to B2C promotions, Facebook is the leading platform; on the other hand, LinkedIn is known to be an effective platform for B2B marketing. In fact, 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to create connections, share content and endorse their services to other brands and corporate.

  1. Tailor your page name

Social media networks like Facebook offers an opportunity to customize your page name. LinkedIn also, as a professional network, offers this opportunity too. You can create a custom URL for your company profile so that your profile becomes more visible when one searches it via search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

  1. Use a professional headshot

What is the first thing you do when someone requests to connect with you on LinkedIn? You check out their profile photo. Therefore, when including a photo, make sure it is professional; you can include a photo that you took recently. Avoid including a photo that you took with some background bikinis or martinis. However, this advice is still overlooked by professionals. Although an awesome professional photo cannot win businesses, an unprofessional photo can lose business. When creating a corporate profile, ensure you include a logo and an appropriate background.

  1. Use an appealing headline

For a corporate profile, you need to put the slogan of your business as your headline. Additionally, you need to be creative as you craft your headline. The headline should clearly show your experience and qualities. How do you feel when you view a LinkedIn profile with a poor headline? You definitely switch to other things, right? The same happens when someone views your profile.

Make them want to scroll down to read more.

  1. Your summary should incorporate appropriate keywords

This is the most neglected piece of advice by most marketers today. A summary comprises about 300 characters describing your professional experience or a corporate overview that is found below your headline. Here you need to make sure you catch your potential client’s eyes as well as customizing your LinkedIn page for SEO.

Show your prospects what you do and what you can do for them; make them know that you can solve their problems. To ensure your LinkedIn profile is optimized for SEO, research appropriate keywords. Don’t make the keywords more complicated. Put this in a bulleted format to make it visual and easy to scan.

  1. List appropriate experience

Highlight your work experience the same way you do on your resume. Start with the current jobs you held followed by the previous ones, chronologically. Note that, it is not a must to include every position you held. LinkedIn allows flexibility. Include only jobs that are appropriate to your latest experience.

For a corporate profile, focus more on the project section. Put all your projects that are relevant to your experience chronologically. Remember to start with the most inspiring projects you accomplished followed by the less important accomplishments.

  1. Highlight education and certification

Ensure you showcase education and any relevant certificates you hold. Here, mention all the courses you took. This will help to show that you are open and willing to improve.

  1. Skills and endorsements

Ensure you include skills that your connections know you have. Avoid including irrelevant skills. Mention skills that you have so that it becomes easier for your connections to endorse you.

  1. Recommendations

Here, you can ask people that you have worked for to recommend you. However, you don’t have to make the recommendations look spammy. Contact only those people you have worked with. Although not all the people you have worked with will be willing to recommend you but at least have some recommendations to help build trust to your prospects.

  1. Join relevant groups

This is a good way to connect with new people. Engage people in relevant groups by contributing, offering advice, answer questions, comment on forums that are relevant as this will show your prospects that you are resourceful.


Now that you have known the above hacks, put them into action. Implement each step effectively in your LinkedIn profile in a professional manner. Note that you are your own brand and to make your brand known to your target customers, you must invest some time to make it more professional so as to hook your potential clients.






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