Do You Go To Bed While Wearing Your Bra? 7 Key Reasons Why You Shouldn’t

You have had a long and busy day at work, running up and down to serve customers, maybe you own a shop or you are employed, to meet the daily work targets. You get back home and it’s time to feed your family. After that, you need to give your kids a bath and make them sleep.

Although you are not a parent, however, our lives are full of busy days with many tasks.

Taking off your bra can look like a hassle and in fact, some women think that when they sleep with their bras on will help to put their breasts in a good position. However, sleeping with your bra on has no benefits at all and spending for some few minutes to take off your bra can have more benefits to your well-being and specifically to your breasts.

Here are 7 reasons you should never wear while going to sleep

1.      Hinders your blood circulation

Your body, like any other vessel, depends on the blood circulatory system to move blood to every part of your body including your heart and brain. This, therefore, means that, when blood fails to reach all the vital parts of your body, they can easily be affected. The vital body parts include the brain, the heart, the kidneys as well as limbs among other parts.

Most bras are made with underwire and if you sleep in your bra, it restricts blood from flowing smoothly or even preventing it from circulating, especially if the underwire is too tight against the pectoral muscles.  Your breast tissue will also suffer in the long run.

  1. A bra makes you feel restlessness

Have you ever woken up in the morning and found yourself excessively tired? Change your dressing code especially if you wear tight clothes or your bra is too tight.

Not alone a bra, but anything that tightens your body muscles affects your sleep. Any attire that you wear when going to bed that is too tight can cause restlessness as it will be significantly irritating you thus making you restlessness during the night. A bra is one of the attires that should not be worn when in bed.

Note that, sleep is very important and can affect your physiological as well as psychological health. Sleep has been linked to higher risks of being involved in accidents, increased risks of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart complications. Additionally, you stand higher risks of suffering from stroke, heart failure, and heart attack if you don’t get enough sleep.

  1. A bra can cause the development of dark spots on your breasts.

Maybe you are asking yourself what are dark spots but it is a change in color of your breast skin sometimes it is medically referred to as Hyperpigmentation. This is also another problem that can be caused by sleeping in your bra. Hyperpigmentation is a condition caused by raised levels of melanin, a pigment in your body that is mainly useful in determining your skin color. A tight bra can cause friction as a result of constantly rubbing against your skin hence leading to skin irritation. This makes you look unattractive.

  1. A bra can lead to fungus on your breasts.

As you well know that warm and moist environment is a perfect breeding environment for fungus, wearing a tight bra can create this environment and hence making fungus to breed in. Today, most women are fond of putting on bras that are too tight to prevent their breasts from sagging and this increases the chances of developing breasts fungus. This is particularly true if you wear your bra when sleeping.

  1. A bra can affect the physiology of your breasts


A tight bra can interfere with the lymphatic system. By impeding blood circulation and lymphatic system, a constrictive bra can cause chronic inflammation and fluid retention.

Lymph glands are an important part of the body that is responsible for eliminating toxins from the breasts area; therefore, restricted lymph drainage can harmfully affect your liver, kidneys and other areas of your body by retaining toxins instead of removing them. Moreover, it can cause breast cancer. Although breast cancer can be caused by other factors, sleeping on a tight bra can also cause it.

  1. A bra can cause interference during sex.

There are people who hate it when having sex with their women wearing a bra. Why? They want to touch their women everywhere; in short, they want to feel a flesh to flesh contact with their women. This sounds funny but sincerely speaking sleeping in a bra can interfere when it comes to matters of sex. Therefore, consider this as a most important reason why you should avoid wearing a bra when going to bed, especially if you have a man who will demand sex. You might decide to take your bra off during sex but some men may find it distracting and unsexy.


Although you may not be aware that the above risks are associated with sleeping on a bra, sleeping with your bar can negatively harm your breasts. If you are going to sleep with your bra on, consider the negative effects compiled above and ensure every time you go to bed, you take away your bra. Remember some of the effects can be treated easily but some are very expensive to treat.


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