Why You Struggle to Find Freelance Writing Work and How to Avoid It.

Have you been struggling to find clients or get freelance writing jobs? There could be something that me and you are doing it rightly but in the wrong way.

All said, there are clients who actually have no idea how to find a freelance writer when they need one. It is with no doubt that there are many freelancers succeeding as they work independently meaning that there are effective ways to bridge that connection.

This therefore calls for one to learn what the pros do and apply it in the right manner.

The following could be the main reasons why some freelance writers struggle to find freelance work.

  1. Half-baked profile

This is the first mistake a freelance writer might be making. An incomplete profile can make a potential client lose confidence on the services you offer. Remember this is the first page your prospects come into contact in their first glance of your profile that enables them to learn about your skills and experience. You need to take ample time to complete your profile. If you have a portfolio, ensure it shows a potential client that you can execute their work effectively. Try to include other clients’ testimonials on your portfolio to enable your prospects to feel that you are their right choice.

Your profile should be complete with a solid bio and don’t forget to include your picture with a smile. Be professional. No selfies.

Sometimes your clients will like to see your previous work to ascertain your experience and skills.  You need to showcase your work on your portfolio as well as availing your previous work to a potential client who wish to hire you upon request. Ensure you have links and files of your best previous accomplished work ready always to show your prospects.

If you don’t have any work to showcase, you need to work on that immediately.

  1. Branding

If you work for yourself, that means you are your own personal brand. You need a professional job title that shows what exactly you do. This will make it easy for a potential client who stumbles upon your profile to know who you are and what you do. Branding will enhance your recognition and will make a client to remember you when they need their work done.

  1. Bad profile description.

With this, I will give an example of a bad profile description

Here is the example “Boniface Kisina is a prolific freelance writer who has helped business persons, companies and organizations achieve their goals by crafting blog posts that enhances their online presence, creating appealing and good product reviews that sell as well as writing attractive articles”

If you are not keen on the description you might not see where it’s going wrong but don’t you hate it when someone refer himself in the third person?

Your profile bio should be in the first-person. Optimize your profile description to fit the freelance site and try not to exaggerate much. Your focus should be aimed at helping your clients to accomplish their work.

  1. Being a jack of all trades.

Focus primarily on your niche. When you are a newbie, this might be challenging but as you climb up the hill and meet different clients with different tasks you need to narrow down your area of focus. Keeping your focus in a few areas will make you more appealing to a potential client who seeks for specific needs.

  1. How do you price your services?

Do you think that by lowering your price is a good way to win more prospects? Sometimes clients see this as a desperate attempt made by unprofessional freelancers. Pricing yourself too low lowers the value you put on your skills as well as revealing low self-esteem.

Price yourself accordingly, that is according to the amount of work and time you need to invest to complete the work.

  1. Do you check for minor errors before you send a pitch?

It doesn’t matter the amount of job applications you send per day, but writing a bad pitch will never get your application accepted. The smallest grammatical errors in your application could make your clients be suspicious about your abilities.

You need to find out how people who have made big sales send their pitches and try implementing their strategies. Remember you don’t have to copy what they do, but try to be yourself.

  1. How often do you market yourself?

Do you think the best time to market yourself is when you need a new client? If yes, then you are mistaken. You should market yourself consistently.

You should utilize the power of social media to market yourself. Use your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn effectively to enhance your online presence.

  1. What kind of jobs do you apply for?

Do you apply for the wrong jobs? You should apply for jobs that require a set of skills that you possess. Applying for jobs that you are not skilled of will waste both your time and your client’s time.

Apply for jobs that you can comfortably execute. Ensure you look at the skills required for the job. If the skills matches your skill sets, you are good to apply for the work


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