Top 5 Secrets to Benefit from a Business Blog

Are you a business person? Do you enjoy blogging? If yes then a business blog can benefit your business in several ways.

A blog can help promote your business especially if you have a website, then your blog can help drive traffic to your website. Remember the greater the traffic, the higher the chances of winning new potential customers to your business.

Designing a business blog is one of the easiest ways to enhance your business online presence since it will enable you to interact with your current customers as well as interacting with new prospects.

These tips will help you to use your business blog in a profitable way.

1.    You must plan your content properly

Business blogging is not regular blogging, it is aimed at achieving a particular goal – to generate leads thereby growing your business. Readers will visit your blog frequently when you provide them with current, educative and helpful content. It is therefore advisable to choose your niche and stick to it consistently.

Prior to writing your first blog post, schedule the posting carefully as well as developing a blueprint that will satisfy your business blogging aims. Ensure to be consistent with your schedule. Put factors that affect your blog business plan in mind, such as the size of your business, your niche, your business aims and your target customers.

2.    Describe your business

The content you develop on your blog should clearly describe your business particularly the products and services your business will be offering, current completed projects as well as accomplishments, inspiring readers with stories of your business, any job opportunities. Remember to provide answers to your customers questions.

If you are blogging from your business website, make your blog to be an extension of your business website effectively. Blogging from your website increases traffic to your products and services page, and converts the traffic into leads thus driving lasting results.

3.    SEO is key.

Ensure you optimize your business blog by choosing appropriate keywords carefully. Utilize search engine optimization tools for keywords. Remember to submit your blog to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. A sure way to rank high in search engines is by frequently updating your blog with appropriate content. This will also bring more people to your website thus earning you more leads, sales and revenue.

4.    Build links to external blogs

You can achieve this by commenting on other blog post and putting a back link to your blog or if you identify a relevant post in another blog, you can write a post about the blog and provide an external link to it. The blogs should be popular to yield better results to your blog.

5.    Ensure your content is shareable

Use your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to put your posts’ links.

You need to create viral content and encourage your readers to share your content. Remember when your readers share your content, other readers in their network will also see your content and will be interested to visit your blog hence resulting in enhanced reach and more leads. Ensure you put social sharing buttons on every blog post you publish.

Your content should be one that resonates with your readers. Ensure your social sharing buttons are simple to use and lead the way by sharing your content first and encourage your readers to share the content if they find it helpful and informative.

To wrap up, building a business blog adds many benefits to your business but you must follow business blogging etiquette well. Remember every post that you make increases the opportunity to generate new leads. Finally, offer call-to-action features such as free e-books for your readers to subscribe. This will enhance more leads and enhance your business visibility.


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