How Do You Help Others Become Better Writers?

freelanceNot every person on earth is born a writer with a talent in writing. In fact, many people find it boring to sit down and write 500 words on something. Writing is something that I consider as a profession and “semi-professional” writers often fail to understand this.

Others find writing to be a tiresome practice. Some people may be required to write on something and in such situations, they may turn to you to seek help. Maybe they would want to master a new skill.

So how do you ensure that they can write good articles on something? How do you help them to write and become better writers?

  1. Consider their position

First and foremost, you need to know why they wish to advance their writing skills and what writing skills they have. Maybe they would wish to start a business and would want to gain knowledge on how to write their own blog to avoid paying for content. Maybe you are required by your boss to train your workmates to write better because the company wants to redesign the company blog and would wish to get all of you to contribute. Maybe you are helping your brother to craft an application letter for an advertised job opportunity. There are several possibilities and your tactic to all these possibilities will be significantly affected by your explicit condition.

You can start by helping those who would wish to start a blog and tell them it’s all about fun and nothing is difficult. For your workmates, you can encourage them to make use of communication tool within the company so that your efforts are collaborative. For your brother, you might find some samples of job application letters and a few samples you have written previously.

  1. Ensure they are comfortable

You need to make them feel comfortable about what they can write and their overall writing. Comfortability makes people who think writing is hard find it easy and simple to do. Ensure they don’t feel that you are watching every word and sentence they are writing. Having such feelings, may make them feel unease. You need to make them to understand that an awkward sentence is nothing to be shameful of. No one who starts by writing perfect and well-structured sentences as a beginner.

  1. Practice makes perfect

Encourage them to practice. To be a proficient writer, you must practice. Encourage them to write anything they are thinking of. This will help them to understand that a complete sentence can come from nowhere. It will also help you to know where they are not good at thus helping you and them to have a starting point.

Tell them to read what they have already written and tell you what they feel could be wrong with their sentence. Avoid making comments. Ask them how they can improve in those sentences. Ask them what they feel should be added and how they feel the next sentence will begin. Ask them to write again and again. For someone who is really focused, you will see an improvement with an hour or within two hours. Your encouragement is really helpful at this stage.

  1. Show them what others have written- show them samples from other writers

At this stage, you need to show them written work from other writers. You will realize that they will start seeing writing with new eyes. Show them different written work from other different writers. Show them what they are striving to write to offer them a strong and good writing foundation.


Always be honest to them, criticize where necessary as you will be surprised how many people take criticism well. Be gentle





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