6. Tips to Help You to Write Amazon Killer Product Review that Sells

Do you know the secrets that successful Amazon affiliates, people who make more than $2000 per month use to make their Amazon sales? They earn huge amounts of money by writing Amazon product reviews. With the advancement in technology where you can virtually or pre-sell a product, writing product reviews plays an effective role to make good money from Amazon. If you are an Amazon affiliate, you will love these 6 tips as I am going to show you all the secrets that can help your product review make sales. Product reviews are a great approach to make sales as well as getting ranked in the major search engines and remain to make sales for years

Here is how you can become a big Amazon earner by writing killer Amazon product reviews.

1.      Pick the right product to review

Reviewing a product that is best suited for your affiliate marketing is the best idea to go by. This is because you need to write a product review that will persuade people to buy the product. Remember your review will be aimed at convincing the potential customer that it is time to go for it and buy the product. In other words, you are writing the product review to earn from it. Therefore, you need to select the right product to review. To sum up everything, the product must have decent review ratings from Amazon.

2.      Write your review in the first-person style

Avoid using more of professional, company review writing style as it turns to be boring to readers, especially if your review is longer than 1,000 words. It is advisable to use personal style when writing your product review to get best results from it and to enable you to create a closer relationship with your readers. Let your readers feel that you are in a direct conversation with them about the product you are reviewing.

3.      List Advantages, disadvantages and detailed product description

These three key aspects need to be pointed out in your product review. The first is the benefits that one will get by purchasing and using the product.

List all the benefits of your product if possible. Do this by observing your product or reading what customers who have bought it are saying about the product in Amazon.

On the other hand, you need not be biased as this might make customers become suspicious with your product. Remember, no product that does not have its side effects. But here you try to use a drawback that will not put off your readers. You can also mention what you don’t like about the product, be it the shipment or the product itself.

Finally, give a detailed description of your product. Tell your readers what you know about the product, who is the product’s target customers. You must not leave behind even the smallest details of your product.  Avoid boring your readers but try to convince them. Describing your product will let your customers get enough information about your product. Include your own thoughts and experience about the product. Be passionate with your product review.

4.      Include some customer reviews.

Remember as I have said earlier, you select a product that has decent ratings from Amazon website. Here, you will choose some positive reviews from customers who have bought the product from Amazon. What they say about the product. The experience they have about the product. Whether it has benefited them positively or it has solved their problems. Amazon separately lists favorable and critical reviews on its website. Therefore, offering a very helpful feature to check out a list of some of the reviews to include in your product review.

5.      Include product images/video

These are two important things in your product review. An image or a video helps to draw readers attention and interests to your review. A review without images or videos might not get readers attention easily and that will reduce the chances of your product getting more sells.

You can take a picture of the product yourself, get an image from the seller’s website or manufacturer’s website, or you can capture a screenshot of the website. If you are already familiar with the product or you have used it, you can take a photo of yourself using it. Using before and after images of the product is also a good idea. On the other hand, using videos is also a good approach.

6.      Tell your readers why they should buy from Amazon.

At this point, you need to show your readers a proof that you know the product or you have used the product and that it works and by buying the product they will benefit from it. Readers have in their mind that, reviews are always biased and aim at making money by pointing on the benefits associated with the product leaving the side effects, so you need to provide more detailed proofs than what is said on the merchant’s website.

Another aspect you can use is the price. Amazon usually offers a price that is a little lower than the price of the manufacturers. This can be a great point to encourage your readers to purchase the product from Amazon. Here you need to include CTAs (a call to action). Provide an affiliate text link in your product review which customers can use to visit Amazon website and make their purchase of the product.

Finally, provide a brief sum up of your review in one neat paragraph to show your readers that you have really done enough and well researched about the product.



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