8 Myths About Freelance Writing Online That Hold You Back

As a new writer or a newbie, getting started usually you are faced with several myths that without giving a blind eye to those myths, you can be held back easily. One question you need to ask yourself is that if others have made it through freelance writing why, not you.?

I have written on my previous post on how to become a freelance writer without experience whereby, I tried to shade lights on how you can get started and earn a living through freelance writing.

You may think that you need to have a Master’s degree to be successful freelancing online but this is not so.

Read on to learn the most common misconceptions that can hold you back before you start.

  1. It’s too late to make money as a freelance writer.

Once you start freelancing writing online is when you realize that there is plenty of jobs out there. Every day big companies and businesses are coming up thus the urge for more freelance writers as the use of internet grows tremendously. Freelance writing online is a growing industry as the demand for content grows.

2. You need technical skills and knowledge to be a freelance writer

This is a common misconception that puts off a lot of people who would wish to start freelance writing. One may think you need to be a website designer, you need to know all the coding techniques, you need to be a wizard with different systems. This is not true

What you need to know is:

  • The ability to send and receive emails as you will be sending articles to your client as well as receiving instructions via email
  • The ability to use Microsoft Office packages to help you to type your articles.
  • Ability to research from the Internet using search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others.

These are the only skills you need to possess. As simple as that.

3. You need to major in Journalism or English to make a successful freelance writer

As I have already stated above, it doesn’t matter what course you took or you didn’t even go to technical universities or you have a degree or not. All what, is important is your ability to write or your ability to construct a meaningful sentence. The only benefits that come with studying all these is that you will be confident and a fast freelance writer. Period. But as you write, you will realize the great experience and exposure that comes with freelance writing online. And so, you become an expert.

4. Getting paid by clients is hard.   

Who told you? This misconception is obsolete. All what is required for you to receive money is a PayPal account. Which you can create within 2 to 4 minutes by following some few steps. I have and still receive my payments through PayPal. So, don’t get frustrated by this myth. You can receive money via PayPal in several currencies thus relieving yourself the hustle to pay plenty of fees that banks could charge for foreign transactions

5. Freelance writing online is for native English-speaking people only

Wore unto you who are still held back by this myth. I am a living proof. A true Kenyan and can write better than the so-called native English speakers. You need to have a passion for writing and the urge to write a complete meaningful sentence. Love writing. Write and write more. As simple as that.

6. You need to be skillful in one field for you to find freelance work.

Before even you think of this statement, don’t you have children? Okay, you don’t have children. Right? Haven’t you had an experience? Freelance jobs cover a wide range of topics. For instance, you might write about foods, health, nutrition, business, technology, parenting, and much more. You become an expert by writing severally on the same topics.

7. You need connections to land great freelance writing jobs

My friend, we are not talking about getting blessings here. Where you need a connection between you and your God to get blessed. The topic is freelance writing online. But this should not discourage you to pray God as it states from the book of Jeremiah 33:3 – “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know”

When Walter Akolo started freelance writing, he had no connections. All the wonderful connections he has today came as a result of his hard work and determination. Although connections do help also, so, you should not be put off by my statement.

8. You should not quit your permanent job

The worst myth ever that hold people back. I tell you there is great freedom in freelance writing online. You can earn double or even triple the amount you used to earn when you were permanently employed. A friend of mine quit his job that was paying him Ksh 50,000 way back in 2013, and as I write this post, he is making more than Ksh 500,000 per month. He used to live in a single room but nowadays he is living in his own bungalow. Working from home is awesome, especially when you spend most of your time with you children, your wife, and all your family members and it comes with a lot more benefits.

My advice to you is that you should overcome these 8 myths and get out of that perspective that is holding you back and start your new and prosperous freelance writing online journey. Sincerely speaking, if you give these misconceptions a blind eye, in less than 2 years’ time you will get back to my post and put a strong comment that will serve as a motivation to others.


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