Why you should avoid feeding your kid with these processed foods.

You will all agree with me that it is easier to go for these processed foods especially when your child is hungry, but what is inside these foods has got long term effects on the health of your child. These foods are advertised along with attractive cartoon posts and contains persuading labels. The ingredients added during processing can lead to your child suffer from certain diseases like cancer, heart diseases and diabetes

  1. Pepperidge farm goldfish


Enriched wheat flour sounds quite fine but during processing, a lot of natural nutrients are stripped away, thus other things are added back to the product such as iron, folic acids, cheddar cheese and salt.

The iron supplemented is a metallic form that our small intestine cannot fully absorb. Researchers have also linked the fortification of foods with folic acid to diseases like cancer.

The cheddar cheese is also inorganic since the cows are fed with a diet that is hereditarily adapted grains and then they produce milk for the cheese. The hormones that are injected to these cows that stimulate the cows to produce milk are purely genetically engineered hormone thus might cause diseases such as mastitis which can lead to the need for further treatment with antibiotics. More to that the body becomes resistant to antibiotics that is further transferred to humans which is very dangerous

  1. Soda


 More sugar is added in soda like the other processed drinks and most kids like sugary foods so this means a child can drink multiple sodas. Soda is a drink that can also lead to cancer and therefore it should not be included in kid’s diet.

The caramel color added during coloring is also poisonous since it’s a chemical. Sodas are labeled with attractive labels like “natural flavors” but in the real sense they are vague. This is just to attract the buyer to buy and consume more of the product.

  1. Fast foods kid’s meal

fast foods

            Majority of these foods contains hamburger and fries which are cancer causing foods

The ingredients that are contained in the cheeseburger and the happy meal are also toxic, examples of the ingredients are non-organic met, dairy, fruits and vegetables which contains harmful GMOs and pesticides. There is also a mouthful of calories in the happy meal, some grams of fats, sodium and sugar.

  1. Oscar Mayer Lunchables


Oscar Mayer lunchables is a wide range of products found in most of grocery stores. They are mainly made to avoid time wastage when packing lunch for your kid. They are also processed foods meaning they also contain ingredients that are toxic to human. The presence of GMOs, trans fat and even nitrites are a cause to cancer.

It’s therefore advisable to feed your kid with homemade foods, foods that have no colors, foods that does not contain chemicals to avoid the hustle of seeking expensive treatment because of taking these processed foods for your kid.


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