How to become a freelance writer without experience

When you start a career in any field, you start without experience. Therefore, in freelance writing, you also begin the same; without experience. You begin without writing experience, without any available samples to showcase in your portfolio and a lot of questions will be running throughout you mind. But for your information that’s the way you rise as a freelance writer.

The following steps will help you rise and make money through your freelance writing career without experience. 

1. Stop a lot of questions running through you mind and start writing.

Remember in freelance writing, if you don’t write, you don’t get the job. As simple as that.

The first step that will help you to get the experience thus you should write and write more. Use word processor to type anything that can make sense but if you sit down and wait for jobs to come from heaven, that can happen only in a dream.

  1. Start by doing it for yourself: start by writing on your own.

Here you start writing for yourself without expecting to earn in return for your work. Be a prolific writer. You need also to start your own blog. There are numerous blog platforms where you can register a blog for free if you don’t have the money to invest in a custom domain. Such platforms like WordPress, SimpleSite, Tumblr just to mention a few. Do not forget to introduce yourself as a freelance writer in your blog and this can be done in your “About” page and include another “Hire me” page which will help potential clients know that you are open to work. Your blog will market you by providing samples of what you can do as well as your skills

  1. Reach out to clients by letting them know about your presence in the freelance writing industry.

Start by marketing yourself since it’s the key step in any freelancing career. This can be done through your social networks such as Facebook and twitter as well as professional networks such as LinkedIn. This might take some time before you are known by potential clients so you need to be patient.

  1. Build unbreakable networks if possible.

Ensure you make friends online through your social media accounts in an appropriate manner. Remember your friends should be in the freelance writing field as well as hiring. Develop a habit of making comments on other freelancer’s blogs and volunteer to write free articles for blogs since this will help you build a close relationship with the owners of the blogs you write articles for free. By so doing you will be learning new things as well as gaining more experience.

  1. Your first client matters a lot.

Here, there are factors that you need to consider before accepting a deal after landing your first client.

Such factors that you need to consider are whether:

  • The job will help you gain experience as well as building your portfolio.
  • You should care for money if your first client offers a big deal that can help lift your freelance writing career.
  • The deal is adding benefit to your freelance writing career. Or the client is exploiting you by offering peanuts, oops! sorry I used the word peanuts here.
  1. Remember you are what you think you are.

Don’t fall for such clients who will tell you

  • We are paying you less but we have a long-term work. Such clients are sometimes liars or scam
  •  You must submit some samples before they consider you for their work. This means they will use your samples and other writer’s samples then they will vanish without telling you whether you were successful or not. I am telling you this because it has happened to me.
  1. Be keen and vigilant

Allow people to exploit you by what you can offer/ your writing content. Don’t accept orders just for the sake of it. Even working for free should have its own value such as gaining experience and exposure. Set your writing rate and stick to it. Try to avoid taking orders from clients that are low than your rate. Your rate should be reasonable. Since overrating might make you lose potential clients. 

  1. Stay updated

This will help you to know if there are changes on the rates for particular jobs, new developments in the freelance writing career and also will help you in setting you rates. This can be done through research.   

  1. Be prepared to take risk.

Be flexible as a newbie or a new freelance writer while choosing you work. You need to concentrate on building your experience profile. This might mean taking some orders that are not in line with your niche but in a positive manner thus taking risk will help you. By so doing you will be building a strong network, marketing yourself, gaining more experience as well as studying the market and different rates for different work.

  1. Ask where you don’t understand

Finally, you should not be Mr. “know all”.  Ask for clarification in case there is something you don’t know since you might be opening doors for gaining more clients. you might think that the job is difficult but after clarification you find you can handle it.



7 thoughts on “How to become a freelance writer without experience

    1. Thank you Halimafeisal, I am happy to hear that you’ve got some help in some way. I am looking forward to helping more people. One should not feel that without experience you cannot do something of value. You get experience as you go along the course. When someone offers you a job you should not reject it because you don’t have the experience. Take the job and learn how to do it later.


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